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We strive to ensure that CUHS Students have a safe and supportive environment in which to pursue their academic development and personal goals. Positive and constructive feedback is not only important to our learners, but it's incredibly important to us, so we've provided contact details for our administrators. 

Thank you for helping us make CUHS such a wonderful place to work and learn!

Charlie Troughton

The mission of Corning Union High School is to develop students who are responsible, respectful and ready for all post-secondary opportunities they choose to pursue.  I believe in this overarching goal and seek to connect everything we do here to those fundamental values.  In addition, we want students to build their academic and behavioral skills through the classes and extra-curricular activities that our school promotes.

We have four school wide goals that we believe students should leave here with as they go out and pursue their dreams. They are skills or qualities that are practical, transferable to any post-high school endeavor, and have lifelong, real-world application.  These four goals are an acronym that spells CARD: critical thinkers, articulate communicators, responsible citizens, and deliberate learners.  These schoolwide learning outcomes are consistent with the purposes of the new Common Core and College-Career Readiness standards which drive our curriculum, our instruction and our assessments.

My personal and professional interest for CUHS is that students learn from what we provide at this school.  Their learning is directly related to the quality of instruction that teachers provide.  That is why I spend a lot of my time interacting with teachers to be the best that they can be in order to ensure that your kids are developing the skills and using the tools they need to be successful in high school and beyond.  Then, when they move on to college, to work, to the military, or to some other post-secondary training, they will be responsible, respectful and ready to meet the challenge.  We appreciate everything that parents do to support our efforts in preparing your kids for life. 

Thank you.


Sally Tollison
Associate Principal
The community of Corning has been my home for more than fifty years and during those years Corning Union High School holds many warm memories and shaping moments.

A member of the CUHS graduating class of 1975, positive influences such as devoted supportive parents and educators, a caring, generous community, Pep Squad and  girls athletics; and the privilege of being elected CUHS Student Body President by my peers, were all contributing factors to post-secondary readiness and success.

In 1994 I graduated from Simpson University with my Bachelors’ of Arts in Business and Human Resources Management, and in 1996 I earned my Masters in School Counseling. Finally, in 2005 I earned my School Administrative Credential.

However, my greatest accomplishments in life to-date include:  my marriage of 35 years to my extremely supportive husband Dave; my two amazing adult children, and their beautiful families.

I look forward to this year and future years here in the community of Corning and Corning Union High School district working with the many exceptional students, families and colleagues who define this unique place called the Corning Union High School District.

Jason Armstrong
Associate Principal
Living in the Corning Community for the last 20 years has afforded me numerous opportunities to build relationships and learn about the youth of our community.  In 2006, I was fortunate enough to continue these relationships in local schools when I was hired to teach in the Corning Union High School District.  Now, as an administrator for the district, I strive to help ensure that our district mission statement is fulfilled.

My primary goal is to help provide students the best and most appropriate opportunities to complete high school while gaining exposure to the multiple opportunities that await them after.  

My responsibilities currently include providing oversight for all Career Technical Education programs, Alternative Education Programs, and Adult Education in the CUHSD.  I have offices at both Corning and Centennial High Schools. Please feel free to call or stop by if you have any questions or student concerns.  I look forward to working together to provide the best education possible for the youth of our community.



Justine Felton
Associate Principal

My career at CUHS started in 1998 and I was grateful to be named the Associate Principal at CUHS in February of 2018 .  My office is responsible for safety, discipline, attendance and the oversight of the Associated Student Body and Athletics.  My primary focus is to continue and create a positive school environment. We must all share in the commitment to work cooperatively and constructively to maintain school safety.  We must also create a climate of trust and communication between staff, students and parents.  I will help facilitate this at CUHS by helping hold students accountable in a fair and consistent manner, communicating with parents, and helping support the staff maintaining an optimal learning environment. 

Please feel free to call or stop by if you have any questions or student concerns.  I look forward to working together to provide the best education possible for the youth of our community.