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You can find a listing of all the paper scholarship applications available for download at the link below.
Scholarship Application PDFs

CUHS Scholarship Listing

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These scholarships are available to CUHS Students. You'll need to log in with your Corning High School email account to access them.

CUHS Scholarship Application

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The CUHS Application is a common application that applies to over 30 scholarships managed or nominated by the High School. These include Rodgers Ranch, Rotary, Exchange Club, Bell Carter Ag, and other scholarships.  Adobe Reader is required to fill out the CUHS Application online.

Online Resources

This page contains a list of online resources linking students to a number of national scholarships, financial aid, and college planning information

CSU logo

This is a web page lists the California State University (CSU) system campuses with links to the various scholarships offered by each campus
UC logo This is a web page lists the University of California (UC) system campuses with links to the various scholarships offered by each campus

The McConnell Scholarship Foundation

This website has information for students about the McConnell foundation Scholarship.  Students can find out about the foundation and the scholarships available to them.


This website gives Latino students information about current scholarships, special events, and how to make donations to this organization.

CUHSD Administered Scholarships

These forms and listings are for scholarships administered by the CUHSD Business office.

Scholarships Administered by the CUHSD Business Office
Scholarship Rules (Revised Dec 2019)
Scholarship Due Dates 2019 Graduates
Scholarship Due Dates 2020 Graduates
Scholarship Due Dates 2022 Graduates
Scholarship Disbursement Request